Route builders

Information for Bow Valley Route builders.

Here's our support page for local route builders. Below is our info on how to claim reimbursement for hardware retrofits, new route development and how to participate in the annual bulk hardware order.

Bulk Hardware Order

Every year TABVAR makes a bulk hardware order and passes those savings directly to participating routebuilders.

2021 MEC bulk hardware order.
The bulk hardware order was placed at the end of Feb.
MEC has advised us that the hardware will not be delivered until late May.

2021 Bulk Hilti Order

Our separate order of Hilti KB3 studs was placed and delivered in April. Please join our mailing list or FB page if you'd like to be notified of the next bulk hardware order.

New Route Funding Guidelines

TABVAR has been supporting route development in the Bow Valley since 1994. To distribute the funds in the most effective and fair method possible we have developed the following guidelines.
Funding decisions are made annually and typically happen in the fall.

TABVAR Funding Guidelines (click to open)

New Route Submissions & Claims

Submitting new or updated route info.

To submit new route info please review our route info guidelines above.
New routes can be submitted via
the New Route Submission Form This also serves as the claim form.

If you have more than five routes to claim you may find it easier to use the spreadsheet claim form.
Click here to download new route claims spreadsheet.

Sharing to the TABVAR Facebook page is encouraged as well.

Retrofit Guidelines & Claim Form

Our first funding priority is to fund replacement of aged or damaged anchors and route hardware.
Click here to access the Retrofit Claim Form.

Updated Guidelines coming soon.