Funding Guidelines

Information for Bow Valley Routebuilders.

Here's our support page for local route builders. Below is our info on how to claim reimbursement for hardware retrofits, new route development and how to participate in the bulk hardware orders.

Funding of New Route Development

TABVAR has been supporting route development in the Bow Valley since 1994. To distribute the funds in the most effective and fair method possible we have developed the following guidelines.

In respon
se to our communities' generous donations we have raised the annual funding limit to $1,500 for routes with wedge anchors and to $1,750 for routes with glue-ins.

TABVAR Funding Guidelines (click to open) (updated 2022)

The funding application deadline for 2022 is August 1.

New routes can be submitted via the New Route Submission Form .
Sharing to the TABVAR Facebook page is encouraged as well.


Funding of Route Retrofits & Guidelines

Our first funding priority is to fund replacement of aged or damaged anchors and route hardware.

TABVAR Retrofit Guidelines (new for 2022)

Click here to access the Retrofit Claim Form.
Fill it in and email to:

HILTI Bulk Bolt Order


Thanks to Hilti we are able to offer a bulk order discount to local routebuilders.

What: Box of 3 inch Hilti stainless steel studs with nuts & washers.

Cost: $132.85 per box of 50 (includes GST)

Deadline: April 10, 2022

We expect the orders to be ready for pickup around April 20th.

As always, a gigantic thanks to Andy Genereux for volunteering his time & energy to this.

AustriAlpin Glue-In Order


Thanks to AustriAlpin GmbH and AustriAlpin Inc. we are able to offer a discount on a bulk order for their glue-in bolts to the local route developer and retrofitting community.

The bolts are available in three different length (75, 90 and 110 mm) and are suitable for 14 mm or 9/16" diameter holes. More information including manual, data sheet etc. can be obtained here:

We're excited to bring this hardware in as they are about $2.00 less per bolt than the next least expensive option.

Lead time according to AustriAlpin is about 12 weeks.

Deadline for orders is Wednesday March 23 at 1600 MT

To place an order:

1. Download the order sheet from
this link
2. Fill in your details and number of bolts wanted
3. Send an etransfer of the total to
3. Email the order sheet to

The orders will be available to pickup in Calgary or Canmore so make sure to indicate which your preference is.

MEC Bulk Hardware Order

The 2022 MEC Bulk Hardware order is complete.

Thanks to everyone placing an order. As always we're looking forward to this year's route developments.

MEC has advised us that the hardware will not be delivered until late May.

2022 Bulk Hilti Order

Our separate order of Hilti KB3 studs is upcoming. Please join our mailing list or FB page if you'd like to be notified of the next bulk hardware order.