Route Maintenance & Updates

Below are our forms and resources for tracking & organizing route issues, route maintenance and upgrades.

*If you have any issues with the forms please drop a note to Tobias Link.
**If you are submitting a large amount of routes and would prefer to directly enter them on a spreadsheet, contact Tobias Link.

New Route Submission

Submit your new route to TABVAR. This is required if you'll be submitting a claim for reimbursement. We'll also include any new routes submitted in our upcoming route database.

New Route Form - Click to open

Route upgrades & retrofits

Have you upgraded the anchors or other hardware on an existing route? Developed a new rap line? Let the community know by filling in the form linked below.

Submit Retrofit info or Anchor Upgrades

Route Issues

Have you encountered damaged or missing hardware on a local climbing route? Let the community know via the link below. Loose nuts on bolts are best just shared via FB. Considering carrying a small wrench so you can tighten hardware as required.

Submit hardware issue

Please note. All route maintenance is done by community volunteers. TABVAR collects and distributes this info only as a service to the community and does not guarantee that any issues reported will be dealt with in a timely issue.