Anchor & Protection Bolt Replacement Project

The progress reports are being integrated into the annual report. We'll be updating this page shortly

Prompted by a generous donation from Rhonda and Walson Tai of the Calgary Climbing Centre specifically for the purpose of assisting with the cost of replacing sub-standard anchors and protection bolts in the Bow Valley, TABVAR is pleased to announce "The Anchor and Protection Bolt Replacement Project"(see the attached document for details of the project and information on ways in which you can help).

 The Calgary Climbing Centre joins other corporate sponsors, organizations and private individuals who have generously supported TABVAR's endeavours since its inception in 1997 and to whom TABVAR and the local climbing community owe a big THANK YOU.

TABVAR's major sponsors are: Mountain Equipment Coop, The Alpine Club of Canada (National, Calgary, Rocky Mountain and Saskatchewan Sections), The Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, The Calgary Climbing Centre, Devonian Properties Inc., The Rotary Club of Canmore.


Progress Reports:

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