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Donations via cheque or money order can be sent to:

Box 8768 Stn Main,
Canmore, AB
T1W 0C1

Thank you in advance for your support.



Our thanks go out to:

Mountain Equipment Co-op

 MEC has donated more than $44,000 plus provided hardware discounts worth over $10,000.



The following climbers for their donations:


Anonymous (from Calgary)
Anonymous (from Edmonton)
Anonymous (from Canmore)
Gail Adamson
Wes Armitage
Di Batten & Doug Bruce
Brian Benson
Simon Berry
Michael Bradley
Derek Brown
Janet Brygger
Laura Cardenas
Ronald Cattaruzza
Ken Charlton
Roger Chayer
Dwayne Congdon
Dave & Carolyn Cousins
Brenda Critchley
Tony & Gill Daffern
Erin & Colleen Doerffer
Sandy Dong
David Dornian

Evan Erikson
Geoff Fraser
Steve Frangos
Gaye Harden
Owen Gaskill
Chris Giles
Sandee Greatrex
Jiri Havelka
Lynda Howard & John Martin
Colette Hubner
Fraser Judd
Jo Kent
Karl Klassen & Mary Clayton
Jeremy Leclerc and Stephanie Doligez
Sean Lunny
Derek Lynn
Kevin MacLane
Marilyn & Dave Morley
Jeff Nazarchuk
Jan O'Brien
Michael O'Hagan
Jesse Olsen
Pascal Ouellet & Jeff Glynn
J.C. Penner
Len Perry
Allan Pickel
Geoff Powter
Jacquie Puscus
Mike Radik
Leslie Reid

Bill Rennie
Daryl Rivest
Michael Robertson
David Robinson
Clee Roy
Mark Shalom
Dean Skoubis & Cindy Grand
Katerina Slaba
Douglas Smith
Liam Sommerville
Brian Spear
Sue Steckle
Jeff Taylor & Judie Hart
Ferdl Taxbock
Barrie Thesen
Dean Tremaine
Martin Trotter
Scott Truswell
Angus Watson
Tony & Sarah Whitehouse
Kelly Wilson
Ron Wong
Scott Woodcock
Brian Wyvill


The following climbers for their donations of $200 or more:


Matt & Gail Adamson
Anonymous (from Calgary)
Anonymous (from Cochrane)
Martin Armitage
Susan Austin
Brian Bailey
Michael Baxter
Reinhold von Berg
Ilona Berbekar
Barry Blanchard
Joel Brunetti
Laura Buckingham
Climbers Anonymous
Steve Fedyna & Jackie Clark

Stefan Frick
Paul Gray & Robin Reid
Richard Holgate
David Johnson & April Matsuno
Steve Langley
Renee Lavergne & Bill Walker
Robin Lawrick & Bob Shaw
David L'Heureux-Brennan & Marie- Eve Gauthier
Jonathan Lytton
Craig McLurg
Brett Mitchelson & Anne Horsley

Pam Pearson
Ron Perla
Carey Robillard
Nancy Robillard
Gunter Sammet
Marg Saul
Thomas Schnugg
Andy Skuce
Steve Stahl
Chris Turner
Amanda Weallans
Sharon Wood
Tracy Woitenko


The following climbers for their donations of $500 or more:


Brent Allardyce
Brian Balazs
Serge Belzile
Dave Carley
Gloria Folden

Bonnie Hamilton
& Jamie McVicar
Matt Lunny & Fiona Pinnell
Ken MacDonald

Rob McNeill
Andrea Petzold
David, Jordan & Sue Slaght
John Woodcock


Bradley Joyce Memorial Page:


The following Businesses, Corporations and Clubs for their donations:


And we would also like to thank:


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MEC logo used by permission

  • The following individuals for their generous donations of items for silent auctions held to raise funds for TABVAR: Ben Firth, Derek Galloway, Andy Genereux, Jon Jones, Rob Owens, Dale Robotham, Chris Perry, Dave Campbell (Wicked Gravity)
  • The Calgary Climbing Centre for donations of cash, time, and their facilities.
  • Dave Bakelaar, Eric Dumerac & Keith Haberl for their assistance with fundraising.
  • Special thanks to Eric Dumerac, Manley Feinberg II, Rob Owens, Chic Scott, Raphael Slawinski, Greg Cornell, Andy Genereux and Dave Thomson for donating the proceeds of their slide shows to TABVAR.
  • Perry Davis and Urs Kallen for donating proceeds from their Billy Davidson tribute to TABVAR.
  • All those who devoted time and/or the use of their drills to the much needed retrofit of Wasootch Slabs, especially: Shaun King, who coordinated the effort and who with Brian Spear and Tony Devonshire did the lion's share of the work; Jamie McVicar and Shawn Huisman who laboured several days on the project; and Lev Pinter, Dave Marra, Ian Greant, Dirk De Bie and Aaron Sheldon who gave up a day's climbing to help out.
  • Alan for his help preparing topos for these webpages.
  • The Town of Canmore: Elevation Place Climbing Gym for donation proceeds from ticket sales to The 2014 Reel Rock Tour.
  • Andy Genereux for suggesting donations to TABVAR in lieu of presents for his 50th Birthday celebration and for donating the proceeds of his 2013 slideshow at The Stronghold to TABVAR
  • Ian Greant and 51 Degrees North for building, maintaining and hosting the website.